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Our Planet Earth is getting warmer! GlobalWarming Awareness2007 is a project focusing on creating consciousness of our planet heat rise. The SEO World Championship selected this keyword with the purpose of creating worldwide awareness related to this issue. Global Warming is among the most serious problem we have to deal in our century.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The City of Krakow's Official Accommodation Booking System

KRAKOW-TOURISM.COM is committed to offering an informative, user-friendly website with competitive rates. The Krakow accommodation prices offered within the System are not higher than the rates paid directly to the accommodation facilities and often even lower than the prices provided in the reception.
Our goal is to provide business and leisure for all Krakow’s visitors with a pleasant, efficient and cost-effective way to book hotel accommodation. The City of Krakow's Official Accommodation Booking System is a joint project of the Municipal Office of Krakow and the company. Using the Accommodation Booking System is free of charge. Our multilingual customer service team and call centre provide dedicated assistance to all our customers.
The system includes only these Krakow accommodation facilities that are managed legally, which gives the tourists the certainty that the locations they choose are not a part of a grey market and do act in a deceitful manner.

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